Clean Hydration for Dry, Irritated Skin.

Targeted Hydration and Skin Care for Women

Tired of chronic dryness, itchiness, redness, or irritation and how deeply these affect your skin and your confidence?

Start unlocking the dermatologist-approved benefits today.

My skin has improved greatly since I began using Blossom Essentials. I use it daily all over and could not be more pleased with the results.

Made in the USA

Blossom Essentials is made and manufactured within the USA.

Clean Beauty

Our ingredients will never contain harmful or toxic chemicals.

Cruelty Free

We test on ourselves and will never test our products on animals.

Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Our shipping state net-zero carbon dioxide emission.

Get Results You Can Feel and See!

Our high-end, natural hydration products are uniquely crafted to address chronic dryness. If you experience flakey or itchy skin, and your hair is prone to breakage, this collection will soothe your irritations externally and from within.

Blossom Into Your Best Self!

Each Blossom was designed to complement each other for true top-to-bottom hydration so you can be your best!

Give Your Skin Long-Lasting Relief

Made for Sensitive Skin

Our products are dermatologist approved and safe on: face, eyelids, hands, feet, scalp, underarms, and even lips!


Blossom Essentials is the perfect solution for super dry skin and our products repair and restore damaged, rough skin.

real results

Depending on how long you've had skin issues, you may apply our products daily to penetrate dry patches and work its magic!


Our Honey Butter kills off any bacteria that cause further irritation and inflammation and contains ingredients for healing!

Occlusive Layer

Skin care that creates a barrier to protect against bacteria entering and moisture exiting and antioxidants prevent cell damage.

Pick Your Hydration Kits!

All Blossom products are always natural, non-toxic, and highly effective for hydrating and soothing skin irritations

Head-to-Toe Hydration Kit

Dry skin and irritations show up when you least expect it, so it's important to maintain clean & healthy skin from head to toe all season long!

Hair Savior Kit

Packed with powerful natural ingredients that strengthen hair follicles, our hair hydration bundle ensures that your tresses are well-nourished from root to tip every single day.

The Shower Kit

Abundant with nature’s highest quality ingredients, gives you everything you need for well-nourished, healthy skin, a clean scalp and shiny, bouncy fresh locks.

Quality Ingredients

We don't just research our ingredients, we scrutinize them. We study, analyze, and examine them to ensure each one is clean, non-toxic, and gentle for all skin types, even the most sensitive and irritable.


made in america


gentle for all skin types

What Our Customers Say

Simplicity Is Beauty

We believe in simplicity and focus on products that address chronic dry and irritated skin and combine only essentials into our products so you can use it for multiple purposes and go on with your day!

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Carbon-Neutral Shipping

We are so excited to announce that Blossom Essentials goes carbon neutral with its shipping

We pride ourselves in having clean products, and we believe the earth should be clean too. Our monthly shipping emissions created to deliver our products to your door will be offset each month by saving our forests!​

Natural Skin Care

What you put into your body is important to you. We promise absolute transparency with the ingredients and production of our products.

We believe in clean beauty and making products that are both kind to your body and the planet.
All Blossom products are ethically made in the USA and never tested on animals!

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